Not everything at the 8 Spot lasts.  We have had a few projects that have not lasted, some never got off the ground, but just cause it's dead doesn't mean it's forgotten.  

 it starts with comics


Our very first forray into the net with trying to do serial content was a little web show we did called It Starts with Comics... This spawned off of a thursday night Comic book crew that used to meet up at the now closed Phoenix of Westchester.  We had no idea what we were doing technology wise but we had fun.  We tried to redo it as a podcast but it never felt right so we shelved it and eventually started The 8 Spot Podcast instead.  



This webcomic never got it's rhythem and unfortunatly it had to be shelved but you can read the strips that were done.  Maybe the creator will come back to it if enough people pester him.