What is the 8 Spot?

Short answer: A place for geeks.  Long answer: the 8 spot is home to Section 8 Comics, 8 spot Entertainment and Wombat studios.  We carved of this little piece of the internet to show people the different projects we work on.   

Can I submit to the 8 Spot?

We are always on the look out for new creators but sometimes there just isn't enough projects but if you want to be a part of the craziness that is the 8 spot.  Read the Submision Page First.

Are you looking for books?

Not at this time sorry we just don't have the resources. 

I want help putting a book together but I want to distribute under my own title. Can Section 8 help?

Yes! We are also a full service studio. We can help fill in the gaps in any creative team. Just go to the Contact page.  

I am looking to commission a piece of art for personal or buisness reasons, can Section 8 help?

Certainly! Check out the Services Page for more details.

Can I find your books in stores?

We mainly sell our books online. (See our store for purchase options)  You can also find us at various cons to buy our books.  

Would you do a plug for my book/podcast/art anything on your podcast? 

Maybe... It depends on if we like it and we have to rememeber to mention it once we start recording, but we do like seeing what other creators have done so feel free to let us know.  (COMPLTED PROJECTS ONLY!!!)  

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