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The 8 Spot Podcast # 016

Captain America - Come out and Play

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The 8 Spot crew went to see Captain America 2... SO of course we talk about The Warriors. Also we have settled on a theme song... Till we buy the one we really want.

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The 8 Spot Podcast # 014

That Was Awkward

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Marc had the most awkward week ever.

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The 8 Spot Podcast # 013

 The Hand Job

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We finish up some of our conversation about comic book collectionsfrom the last podcast and tell some old stories about Eric in an all boys school.

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The 8 Spot Podcast # 012

Losing a Collection

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Fernando, Eric and Marc's older brother, stopped by half way through the show. So we decided to ask him about his comic book collection.

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The 8 Spot Podcast # 011

Trailer Park

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This week the8 Spot crew talks about TV and movies with a special guest... ok he's not that special.

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The 8 Spot Podcast # 010

Hey Kids, Comics

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We actualy spend most of the podcast talking about comics this time... wow.

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Episode #1

We're Back


Just like the Human Torch, geeks won't die. The 8 spot Crew is back to babble about comics, movies, games and maybe some important stuff. Starting with the return of the Human Torch.


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The 8 Spot Podcast # 001

It Worked!!!

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After many false starts the guys finally got one in the can... and it sucked. We finally got the technical part down but after so many great conversations lost we didn't think this one would work. So you didn't get our A game. You should skip this one. Go straight to Episode: 002.

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