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Coloring Comics, Ancient Egypt and the Smithsonian

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If your a fan of anything sci-fi, comics, fantasy...etc you run into Ancient Egypt. Tons of stories have come from this land of Magic and mystery. In comics, movies and any other form of optical entertainment we associate the look of these stories with the sandy badge color, but for those of use who have study even a little history knows that this ancient time was full of color. We know this because of the artwork of the time as well as finding the items over the years shows us they where once in color. Here is an article I found from Smitsonian.com on how one museum is using technology to show us a glimpse of this colorful world. (I'll link this article at the bottom.) I'm fascinated by this because as a comic book colorist I've color a few stories that takes place in Ancient Egypt, and I recall doing a few images with only the sandy color but in many ways those are background scenes and there is a good chance that the image might be covered with text. 

Perhaps in the future when more info comes out showing what the color where I might be able to do another project and add this new info into the work, But then again i'm also making more work for myself. 

Below are some images I've color that took place in Egypt for a children book, Pencils and Inks by Mike Lilly and again I did the coloring. 

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is adding a bright flourish to the Temple of Dendur

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